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A.P. Physics

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A.P. Physics

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1st Semester        Mechanics

          a.  Rotation about a Fixed Axis

          b.  Rolling Motion and Angular Momentum

          c.  Oscillations

          d.  Gravitational Fields

2nd Semester    Electricity & Magnetism

          a.  Electric Fields and Forces

          b.  Gauss's Law of Electric Fields

          c.  Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy

          d.  Capacitors

          e.  Direct Current Circuits

          f.  Magnetic Fields and Forces

          g.  Faraday's Law

          h.  Inductance

          e.  General Review of all AP topics

We sometimes are able to start some of the Electricity & Magnetism topics at the end of the first semester.  Both semesters include an important laboratory component.  In the second semester, students do a long-term, engineering design project based on the Dartmouth Problem-Solving Cycle.


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