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Advanced Placement Physics Course Description

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    Welcome to Advanced Physics.  Your choice to enroll in this college-level course indicates your appreciation for this fascinating subject and your willingness to accept a challenge.  Hopefully we can work together to make this a rewarding course for you.


    1. To explore more deeply the basic topics covered in the introductory physics course.
    2. To develop skills at planning and executing original laboratory experiments.
    3. To prepare for the Advanced Placement Examinations in the Spring.
    4. To develop study skills which will help you in college and beyond.


    Your grade will be generally determined on this basis:

    A        90  -  100 %
    B        80  -   89 %                     60%   Regularly Scheduled Tests
    C        70  -   79 %                     20%   Lab Reports
    D        60  -   69 %                     20%   Problems Sets
    F        Less than 60 %

    We will have some type of examination approximately every two weeks.  Our 1st Semester Final Exam will be an Advanced Placement test from a few years ago and, in the Spring, we will take a couple more "practice" AP examinations to help you prepare for the real thing.  We will do some "regular" kinds of lab experiments early in the course and more independent projects during the second semester.


    The rules of this classroom are simple and all directed to one end --- to help you and your classmates succeed in this course.  I follow one general principle --- if a student is doing anything that interferes with his or her opportunity to learn, with any classmate's opportunity to learn, or with my opportunity to teach effectively then that behavior will not be tolerated.

    1. Be in your seat with the necessary supplies on time.  Being late not only makes it more difficult for you to learn, but also disrupts everyone else.  School rules on tardies and unexcused absences will be followed.
    2. Be attentive to me when I am lecturing and to your classmates during class discussions.
    3. Observe safety rules in the classroom and lab at all times.
    4. No food or drink in the classroom or lab.
    5. No profanity.
    6. No put-downs.  The material can be difficult.  You need to encourage, not discourage, your classmates to try to answer difficult questions and to try to do challenging problems
    7. Respect your classmates, your teacher, yourself, and your school at all times.


    It is important to develop the ability to not only do assignments well, but also to do them on time.   The WebAssign (on-line) assignments are usually due at 3:30 pm on a specific day.  You need to plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to submit those answers before that time, because the program won’t allow you to submit homework solutions late.  Other conventional assignments, like lab reports, are due to me at the very beginning of class.  I will allow you to submit those assignments late, but you will lose 10% of the assignment value for every class day or part of a class day that you are late.    If you have a question about an assignment that is due on a particular day, you need to allow yourself enough time to ask your question and complete the assignment before the due date.  If you miss school or have any other problems, you need to come in and see me individually.


    1. Come to class prepared each day and ready to learn.  You will have an opportunity every day to learn something if you are willing to make the effort.
    2. Do the daily assignments and lab reports, even though they don't count as much as the regular exams.  I have never had to fail anyone who did all of the assignments, simply because those assignments prepare you for the major tests and examinations.
    3. Ask questions in class.  Science is a "self-correcting" process, which means that you are expected to make mistakes and to learn from them.
    4. This course does require a considerable amount of work.  We will have an assignment of some type due almost every day during the term.
    5. Come in to see me when you have questions or problems of any kind.  I normally get to school quite early and will gladly meet with you at any time.  Good Luck!

    School Phone:                                                                  704-943-4500        Ext. 4948
    Home Phone:                                                                   704-845-6034
    My Email:                                                                   
    My Web Site:                                                         
    WebAssign Homework & Textbook Site:               
    Textbook:                                                                        Fundamentals of Physics   9th Edition
                                                                                            ISBN:  978-0470469118


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