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Step 1  General Problem

List your general problem area here:

Step 2  Redefine Your Problem

Redefine your problem in this space:

Step 3  List your Constraints and Specifications

Generate a List of Constraints and Specifications here and define each:

Constraint or Specification Definition or Explanation

Step 4   Brainstorm Potential Solutions

Make a list of potential solutions in this space.  Remember not to judge these potential solutions as you generate them.  Describe each a bit if possible.

Step 5   Construct a Matrix

Construct a matrix to select your best alternative.  If you decide that some specifications and constraints are more important than others, explain why you are "weighting" those more.


Step 6    Select your "Best Solution"

List your best solution here:

Step 7     Reinterate

Sometimes you need to start the whole process over!!