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Honors Physics

General Course Syllabus


A.P. Physics

Problem Solving Cycle

Physics Olympics

Honors Physics Page Course Description Review Materials

1st Semester

          a.  Measurement and the Scientific Method

          b.  Kinematics in One and Two Dimensions

          c.   Dynamics

          d.  Gravitation

          e.  Work and Energy

          f.  Momentum

          g.  Rotational Motion

          h.  Harmonic Motion


2nd Semester


          a.  Vibrations and Waves

          b.  Sound

          c.  Reflection and Refraction of Light

          d.  Diffraction and Color

          e.  Electric Forces and Fields

          f.  Electric Potential

          g.  Direct Current Circuits

          h.  Relativity, Quantum Physics, and Nuclear Physics


Both semesters include a significant laboratory component.  In the second semester students do two engineering design projects based on the Dartmouth Problem Solving Cycle. 


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