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A.P. Product Design Projects:

1999-2000 Student Products

2000-2001 Student Products

2001-2002 Student Products

2002-2003 Student Products

2003-2004 Student Products

2010-2011 Student Products

Assignment for A.P. Product Design Projects

   The A.P. Physics students use the Problem Solving Cycle to develop a product to meet a "real-life" need.  In years past, the general problem topics have included Health and Safety Concerns, Campus Security Issues, and College Dormitory Needs.  Students choose a specific problem from an assigned general problem topic, develop a solution idea, and actually build the product.

Project Scores are based on these criteria:

             One sentence description of the problem.

            Written, formal statement of the problem the group
                is addressing.

            Defined list of specifications and constraints.

            Potential solutions defined and diagramed if necessary.
               Explanations given for weighting some constraints
               and specifications.




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