Mr. Curtin's Physics


Country Day Science Department

In- Class E-Device Usage Policy


Note: This policy is in addition to all policies outlined in the Upper School Student Handbook.


We will be using E-devices (school issued Surfaces, your cell phones etc.) to varying extents in science classes as part of the lessons.


Your teacher will let you know when use of these devices is permitted. If you arenít sure, just ask!


When you are using these devices, the only acceptable use is anything directly related to the lesson (taking notes, interacting with animations, running probes etc.).


Any other use of these devices is prohibited. Other use would include, but is not limited to:

o   Checking email

o   Instant messaging/chatting

o   Internet browsing/shopping

o   Gaming

o   Working for other classes

o   Any other distracting activities


There may be times when these activities are allowed or even form part of the lesson, the teacher will explicitly tell you when this is the case.


If you are caught doing any of these things by the teacher, or any other member of staff or faculty at the school, you will be issued a warning and this will be shared with the Deans. If you are caught again, at any point during the year, further disciplinary action will result via the Deansí office. The teacher or the Head of Science will also call home to your parents to inform them.


These devices are wonderful tools and using them is a privilege. They can also be a distraction and we want to help you learn to use them responsibly.


If you have ANY questions, please ask your teacher.