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Guidelines for Defining Academic Honesty in Physics Classes


Quizzes, Tests and Exams:  Unless otherwise specified, responses on quizzes, tests and exams are to be entirely the work of the individual. Any exceptions, such as take home test or open book test, will be clearly defined at the appropriate time.  In multi-section classes, once testing has begun in any section, you are expressly not allowed to speak with any other student about the test --- until all of the students have finished taking the tests

Homework: Working together, unless otherwise specified, is permitted and encouraged.  However all work submitted by a student should be a product of that student's work.     Copying the homework from another student or group without the teacher's permission is not permitted and will be considered an Honor Code offense.

Lab Work: Students are to collect their own data for each experiment unless working with an assigned lab partner or specific permission has been given to use data from another source. Students working together will have the same data, but each student should leave the lab with a complete set of data.  Occasionally, especially if you miss a lab period, you may be allowed to use data from another group.  When using someone else's data, proper credit must be given to the source.  You are allowed to work with other students on all lab reports, but each student must hand in his or her own lab report.  You may not take credit for any work that your weren't personally responsible for producing.  In other words, your lab team is not allowed to divide the work into individual parts and then combine the parts at the end. 

Papers: Papers, reports and projects should all be the work of the student except where certain authorities are quoted and properly credited. All matters of plagiarism follow the Country Day standards. 


        An Important Guideline:   If you are not sure, ask your instructor.


We recommend that all tests and graded assignments be accompanied by the Honor Pledge.  Remember, though, that this written pledge is just a reminder to you that you are pledging your honor.  We expect that you be honorable on all assignments and in every part of your school life.