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Rubber Band Cannon

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Rubber Band Cannon Champions

Mark E.
Neal W.
Chris N.

Honors Physics   2002-2003

48.56 meters





General Purpose

To build a device to shoot a Starburst candy through the air.


  1. The only source of energy for the Cannon will be the elastic energy of four provided large rubber bands. (Although you may convert this stored energy into some other forms in the course of your process.)
  2. You may use equipment and supplies available to you at home, but your group may spend no more than a maximum of $5.00 purchasing additional equipment or supplies. (Please keep receipts to verify your costs.)
  3. The device may not be attached to the floor in any way, and it must be entirely behind the launch line.
  4. The Starburst may start no more than 40 cm above the floor.
  5. No wheels or other rolling devices may be used to propel the Starburst across the floor.
  6. The Starburst candy may not be altered in any way.
  7. You must submit any "unusual" ideas to the instructor to determine if they qualify according to the spirit of the rules.

Contest Scoring

Each group will be allowed three trials and the score will be based on the best result for the three trials.

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